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Starting in 2020, we've helped facilitate the world's largest community-led research project, Black Brilliance Research Project (BBR).

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Here's what people say about our work

We get to build our own internet! I can't wait to show my community what I can do. 

Black, Female, 18 - 24 years old

Prospective Digital Steward

This is about getting of the digital plantation. We're talking about ownership of our own digital spaces. My friends keep asking me how I do it. And if I'm honest for a second....that's my favorite part!

Black, Female and Non-binary, 35 - 44​

Prospective Digital Steward

They're training us to program, install, and service these new networks. Community-owned internet is a game-changer.

Black, Male, 35 - 44 years old​

Prospective Digital Steward

Sign me up! I want to make a difference in my community. I want to help organizers and also help us open businesses.

Black, Female, Under 18 years old

Prospective Digital Steward

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